Saturday, June 23, 2007

5 tips to improve your humour to please women

How many times did you hear women complaining about men? They like a pretty, sensible, kindy, intelligent, with sense of humor man... concluding...a perfect person.

I will not help you to be a more sensible or intelligent person, but I'll give you some tips about sense of humor to please a woman.

  1. Women like smiley faces, don't be shy... show your teeth. Be careful and don't exaggerate , don't show her your tonsils ;
  2. For your own good don't tell a joke about her hair or clothes;
  3. Don't use obscene words to make any type of jokes, don't behave like an animal. If she wanted an animal, I think she will prefer a little puppy certainly more funny;
  4. Tell a joke about yourself. She would like to know that you are capable to deal with your own defects with sense of humour. Once again, don't exaggerate!!! You wouldn't like to know that she thinks that you are a clown.
  5. Don't try to be Jerry Seinfeld, because you are not him. If you try it maybe you will find that you are acting like Kosmo Kramer in front of her.

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