Friday, August 10, 2007

Up or down?!?

This blog, among other reasons, was created with the objective to think about important subjects which will make me think about its real meaning and with interest to humanity in general. And this post is one of these themes.

The door was made for people to be able to get in and out from a place. If it was not necessary to get in or out from that place, we would have a wall instead of a door.
The same happens with the toilet seat cover! I know what you are thinking at this moment… “This guy is amazing, he thinks about stuff that no-one will remember”, thank you dear readers but I have to continue my idea…

Why women claim that the natural position of toilet seat cover is to be down? Who has the right to presume that the natural position is to be down or up? Both are valid position!

Now go home and think about this so important issue.

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